where can i buy a casting iron

The casting steel is used for a number of purposes. One may use it in order to crispest potato hash, for giving steaks a crazy good sear, it is also used for baking garlic knots, cornbread can also be made through it, one can easily bake a best pan pizza, But the important thing which should be kept in mind that it’s difficult to maintain. There are some points which should be kept in mind before using it.

  1. casting metal heats evenly.

  2. One may not wash it with soap.

  3. Don’t using metal utensils with it.

  4. There is not a big difference between modern cast iron and old cast iron. The materials of both old and new cast iron is the same, the difference is only in its production.

  5. One should never cook acidic food in cast iron.

  6. One should clean it after each use.

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